Everything imaginable in audio and video since 1941.

Since 1941, Nolan has been what success sounds and looks like for the whole spectrum of public, private and corporate clients. Meeting every need, answering every challenge, playing on every stage in every possible arena.

Nolan doesn’t provide audio video solutions. Nolan is the audio video solution.

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Sales & Design


Imagine signature systems customized to not merely meet in-house needs, but to exceed present expectations and anticipate the future.

Systems hand-designed for you, hands-on service from us.

Equipment Rental


Imagine being able to make a world of sophisticated equipment and seasoned technical support appear when needed, and then disappear when it’s not.

It can make a world of difference.

Production Services


Imagine your own 18-wheeler loaded with decades of proven performance, packed with tons of technology, and running on high-octane creativity.

Now imagine the impact your next production will have when we deliver all of that.